Our Top 8 College Football Teams Ranked by Hottest Player – Lily Grace
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Our Top 8 College Football Teams Ranked by Hottest Player

College football season has come to an end. We're already missing the tailgating and excuse to wear cute dresses, but we're going to miss these cuties even more. We're ranking college football teams based on their hottest players.

Cam McDaniel - Running Back | Notre Dame

He's like the football version of the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy meme. Pretty sure he got flagged for being too distractingly handsome on the field. Unfortunately (for us) he's happily married to his beautiful wife.

Blake Countess - Defensive Back | Michigan

Blake has a dreamy, Prince Charming look. Sure, his team did lose to Ohio State but he's still made it onto our top hotties list.

Adrien Dunn - Wide Receiver | Clemson

Gotta have some Southern boys on the list! Adrien's pretty hunky so we're going to let it pass that the Tigers beat our home team in November

Cedric Thompson - Defensive Back | Minnesota

Not only is Cedric super cute but he just seems like a really cool guy. Also made over 77 tackles this season. Pretty darn impressive!

Blake Bell - Quarterback | Oklahoma University

Blake Bell is hot, sweet, AND will be playing in the NFL. What more could you ask for?

Grayson Levine - Defensive Back | Minnesota

He's TOO adorable not to add to our list. It's like he's giving puppy-dog eyes to every woman that sees this picture. Minnesota is good at picking out cuties, he's the second one from the team on our list!

Jake Hartbarger - Kicker | Michigan State

To put it simply, the guy looks like a gorgeous European model. He's only a freshman so we have three more years of his hotness to look forward to.

Clay Honeycutt - Defensive Back| Texas A&M

Another Southern cutie! Clay Honeycutt is pretty much every girl's dream. Handsome but not afraid to get his hands dirty. He's a hunting, fishing, and off-roading kind-of-guy.

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